Harris Jayaraj wants to be an action hero?

Now that one we did not see coming. But hey, maybe it’s just one of those exaggerated news pieces that’s making it’s rounds in the media.. or is it now?

Harris Jayaraj

It is not that surprising or unheard of. Many musicians have stepped over from behind the keyboard to performing in front of the camera in the many decades of our cine history. Okay, so they chose character roles or supporting roles and not the mass hero characters, but there are exceptions.

GV Prakash is one of those who made the transition with ease, though it remains to be seen how he fared seeing as how his debut movie Pencil hasn’t come out yet. The multi talented youngster, played the role of a school boy in the film which has him paired opposite the lovely Sri Divya. Pencil is being directed by a debutant director as well, Mani Nagaraj.

Plans and casting hunts are already on for his next flick, so it looks like he might be here to stay. And let’s not forget composer Vijay Anthony who also went from scoring tunes to reading lines.

So is it too preposterous to consider Harris Jayaraj as a leading man, delivering punch dialogues and trading punches with the bad guys on the big screen? Maybe not.

The hugely popular composer, it seems, is now sporting a more youthful look with a stylish haircut and fashionable garbs to match. Is this a hint at his plans to change his image?

As always, we wait for confirmation or denial from the musical genius himself or any of the powers that be, but my, my – Kollywood is a mighty interesting place these days.

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