Why Harman wants to time travel

MUMBAI, MAY 31 (INDIATIMES MOVIES) Like every debutant, Harman Baweja was extremely excited as well as anxious at the music launch of his film ‘Love Story: 2050’. But just when Harman came onstage and walked towards the podium, there was something that took him aback. A “Hey, are you Harman or Hrithik?” invited a very witty response from the hitherto anxious actor.

In what could be called an ice breaker of sorts between him and the guests, Harman said, “Well, as far as that one is concerned, it is my parents who are responsible for it. So I cannot be held responsible for this. But yes, if I had my way, I would time travel backwards into the time before my birth and change the course of certain things.” Kya baat hai, for once there is a newcomer who’s not counting on his resemblance to the star with Greek god looks for making it to the headlines!

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