Harish Shankar a one time wonder?

After making super successful ‘Gabbar Singh’ with Pawan Kalyan, director Harish Shankar grabbed the attention of critics and the limelight for his heavy duty action treatment, punch dialogues and portrayal of Power Star in a larger than life avatar. However, this film has created over expectations on the young technician which plummeted badly in the recent days. His next film, Ramayya Vastavayya disappointed movie goers heavily with its bad story and weak execution. Despite the witty dialogues from the film which created a buzz even before its release, Ramayya Vastavayya could not fare well at the opening shot. Junior NTR had nothing new to offer except the same old narcissistic tendencies. This leaves us with a question – is Harish Shankar a one time wonder? The director left so many loopholes in his second film that was uncalled for. Does he really require a Hindi remake to get going? Only a third attempt will tell us.

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