Hari Teja Goes Emotional For Insulting Her In Mahanati Theater

Actress Hari Teja who impressed the Telugu audience with her performance on small screen got into the limelight after doing an important role in A.Aa. Also, Hari Teja grabbed a lot of attention after Telugu reality show Bigg Boss.

Fight With Hariteja in Mahanati Theatre
Fight With Hariteja in Mahanati Theatre

Hari Teja who was abused by a lady at the theater, took social media to express her anguish over the situation. Into the details: Hari Teja had gone to the theater along with her family to watch Mahanati. On her mother’s request, Hari Teja wanted to exchange her seat and the lady beside her was not okay with that. The lady insisted that Hari Teja’s father could not sit beside her daughter. Over the argument, the lady apparently used unparliamentary language to abuse Hari Teja.

Furious over this incident, Hari Teja became very emotional. She made a video in which she narrated the whole story and asked to be sensible to everyone. “The lady told that they were not cinema people to sit beside any random people. Why are cinema people being treated like untouchables?” Hari Teja questioned.

Also, Hari Teja sated,”You spend 100 bucks to watch a movie, you think you have rights to say whatever you want? No. We are humans too. Please mind that”, in a very polite yet emotional way.

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