Harassment to Namitha From Her House Owner

Actress Namitha has enjoyed her career as the heroine in Telugu and Tamil in the starting stages of her career. All of a sudden, she lost her charm once she got plumped body and lost movie chances. Her entry into politics too made her far from industry. Recently she is again in the news for some house rent controversy.

Namitha House Owner
Namitha House Owner

Namitha has been living in a rented house in Chennai for some past years. Recently, she has been facing some serious problems with her house owner regarding the house. According to her, her owner is pressuring her to vacate the house as soon as possible. She claimed that he deeply troubled her to vacate the house on or before 31st of last year’s December. But she asked him for some ample time to get another house to shift. As the pressure is heavy, she has decided to complain the local judiciary. She has approached the local 13th Civil Court and filed a petition on him.

She claims that she has been paying a rent of 15,000 rupees every month before the due date. Some analysts say that her entry into politics might be a reason for this dispute as her rivals may plan a conspiracy behind this. Excitingly, the Civil Court has heard the hearings of both the parties. The court has ordered Namitha to stay in the same house until 12th of this month and final hearing is awaited.

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