Happy New Year’s Trailer Creates a Trends!


With such marketing strategies up their sleeves, the Marketing Heads at Red Chillies Entertainment, are breaking stereotypes and heading for new records. The film has already been talked about its Marketing gimmicks and strategies, and now we have new trends to see!

The trailer of Farah Khan’s Magnum opus, released on August 14th and with it we saw new trends on the social networks. The trailer launch saw the presence of fans which was a new concept. And the idea of launching the trailer on Facebook Timelines along with the Fan Page too was a new strategy we all witnessed. Plus the idea of launching the trailer on Whatsapp was quite unique in itself. The film is marketed by Red Chillies Entertainment and we must say they are doing an excellent job.


“In keeping with the tradition of innovation established by Red Chillies, we were delighted to launch the trailer of HNY for the first time across multiple platforms. This was also done to meet the demands of fans who are consuming talent in ways that suit them. This has given the trailer an unprecedented footprint and delighted the fans,” said Venky Mysore, CEO RCE.

The trends which the film managed to set are as follows:

Below are the statistics of 24 hours from the minute the trailer was launched on all the Digital Platforms,which got it more than 4 million view:


First film trailer to be launched on FB and it has become one of the most viewed movie trailer on FB Native Player across the Globe

1.5 Million Trailer Views

2.8 Million Post Interaction and over 18 Million FB users reached.

There were over 360K Likes for the trailer (Highest Ever)


HNY-twitter - 1

1.5 Billion Impressions only on Aug 14 5 Hash Tags trending of Happy New Year

HNY_twitter - 2


Over than 2 Million views across various Youtube Partner Channels


First Film to send out the trailer via WhatsApp


Reached Over 13 million Subscribe of a and each one has to watch channel 100 when they switch on their sets before they go to any other channel of their choice


They have over 15 million visitors every daySMS Over 300,000 fans received it via SMS service (missed call facility)


Over 25,000 fans received it via email

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