Happy Ending Review

Rating: 2/5

Critic Rating: (2/5)

Happy Ending Review:‘Yeh hatke kya hai?’

How happy can the ending be, when all you see on screen is the repetition of an old ‘ghista-pita’ mantra? An author, Yudi, whose muse worked several years ago by fluke, and he basks in its glory, until one day he has to write again to save his downhill career. Armaan, is a Bollywood actor who attempts to save his stardom by adapting a Hollywood script in Bollywood style. Aanchal, a newbie best-selling author, who writes conventional loves stories, but she doesn’t even believe in the stories she pens down. Plus you will also spot stalking and clingy girlfriends, in addition to over-use woolgather of a non-committal guy falling for a non-committal girl.

Now you may ask, what’s new in this rom-com? Well! The answer is absolutely nothing. Though the film holds your attention throughout, you will not walk out of the theatre with the feeling of witnessing something new. The whole concept of a boy who throughout his life runs away from relationships and commitments, ultimately falls for a girl who is a splitting reflection of him, is been bantered about in films since times memorial. In fact, in Saif’s career too, he has done plenty of such films.

Star Performances:

Saif Ali Khan has nothing new to offer, except for his clothes. He looks charming and good on screen and this will give rise to new fashion trends surely. But acting wise, the actor did what was in the script. While he has in the past too played many characters where he shies away from whole relationship thingy and by the end of the film finds him trapped in one; with Yudi, I didn’t find newness in anything. But adding to it, it might reflect upon the prevalent hook-up culture. Also when he doubles up as Yogi, Saif does a fine job in the shoes of a man quite invisible on screen and appears only at the turns in script.

Govinda has a brief role, but does what he does. He is a superstar, trying to save his sinking career. Indeed! His six packs are indicative of the Bollywood culture, where a film’s success is directly proportional to Hero’s abs.

Illeana as the modern author, who writes to sell to the masses, is a fairly done. She has the cheery vibe that entails Yudi. Kalki as stalker girlfriend doesn’t disappoint too.

Ranvir Shorey as Yudi’s best buddy and wife’s slave is done convincingly. Special appearances by Kareena Kapoor Khan and Preity Zinta are quite good.


There is not much to say about a film that from scene go spells cliché. They might have attempted to show to the world how clichés work, but then again, something went wrong in terms of storytelling. When it comes to presenting ‘old wine in a new bottle’, something or the other goes wrong. And with ‘Happy Ending’ being nothing but a Bollywood script, there isn’t much freshness too.

Music by Sachin and Jigar has been doing quite well and holds the movie too. The album has various genres covered- party, romantic, blues, peppy, etc, just like a Bollywood film should have.

Watch or not:

It is a watchable affair but then again if you want to give it a miss, is it quite normal too. If you wanna lay back and just kill time, you might like to watch this one. But as always don’t expect too much from this Bollywood film which is nothing more than an ‘inspired’ Bollywood script. But surely by the end of the film you’d utter to yourself, “Yeh Hatke kya hai?”.

Thumbs Up: Light treatment to an old-school idea

Thumbs Down: Clichéd plot, nothing new to see

Yawns: Certainly

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