Happy Birthday Victory Venkatesh

Venkatesh, popularly called Victory Venkatesh by fans as well as industry people, has been one of the four pillars of Tollywood for the past three decades.

Venkatesh Birthday
Venkatesh Birthday

Despite being a star hero and the son of a top producer, Venky has always been a down to earth person. Success never went to his head, and failure never broke his heart. He is the Tollywood hero with highest success percentage and has done all kinds of challenging roles ranging from Chanti to Ganesh. He is probably the only hero who doesn’t have anti-fans and the most loved by movie lovers.

Venky has never shown the attitude of star hero and has always been a director’s actor and was comfortable to do any kind of scene without having nay apprehension of what fans would think.

This accidental actor took the path of spirituality and claimed to be an avid yoga buff. Venky is celebrating his 56th birthday today. Let’s wish him health and happiness for many more years.

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