Happy Birthday to Y.S.R

He was born Yeduguri Sandinti Rajasekhara Reddy on July 8, 1949, in Pulivendula in the Rayalaseema region back. The well-established public service in the family, the father of the Prime Minister in late YSRaja Reddy was also a personal political dynamic. Seen from the leadership qualities inherent YSR even in school days when he was elected President of the Student Union and President of the Association of Physicians in the house o. Faculty of Medicine, Tirupati.

Qualified as a doctor with medicine and surgery, and served as an officer in the medical YSR Jammalamadugu Mission Hospital for a short period. Then set up a charitable hospital named after his late father in Pulivendula YSRaja Reddy. Married to Vijaya Lakshmi and has two children, Jagan Mohan Reddy and Sharmila.

YSR made a simple and modest but majestic, his entry into politics in 1978. He was a strong adherent of the Congress party, which does not take in the transition from the two sides. Came out the winner in the election all he has contested four times to the Legislative Assembly of the State and five times of the Assembly of Andhra Pradesh. He served as Chairman of the Committee PradeshCongress Pradesh (APCC) twice between 1983-1985 and 1998-2000. The YSR minister between 1980-1983, also held the portfolios of important rural development, medicine, health, education, etc. services, effective and dynamic leader as the world witnessed to, which is an incredible business sense and entrepreneurial capabilities that helped him in his long political career for 25 years.

Made by the active participation in the struggle for improvement and improvisation in the field of agriculture.

As a man of the cluster, and worked Rajasekhara Reddy for rural upliftment. And participated in many mass struggles on the issues of the oppressed. Made by the active participation in the struggle for improvement and improvisation in the field of agriculture. Survey pointed out that the issue of irrigation in the Rayalaseema region back, which earned him a fixed place in the hearts of the crowd. And seeks to mobilize efforts in the management of agriculture to 75% of the population of the country and dependent of agriculture for their livelihoods.

This can be done unannounced visits to villages to inspect the personal circumstances attributable even in a time of YSR. It was his death and also signed during the visit of one of this kind. The program was Rajiv Palle duck through the means undertaken by the payment of tovillages his personal attendance to show the circumstances of the words of the people themselves. However, it should not be misunderstood that the leader was blind in urban development. And sought to promote biotechnology and information technology in the State, regardless of other urban development projects. And Baata Rajiv Nagara. Program for resolving the issues with respect to urban development.

The severity of pain in death in order to extract self from the leader of a very effective breathing, which was to serve the people. Needless to say, the unrivaled service that has made will remain immortal in the hearts of the masses through out the nation.

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