Hansika’s profitable side business

South Indian actress, Hansika Motwani is now busy promoting her side business. It is known that Hansika Motwani is one of the most highly paid actress in Tollywood and in Kollywood. Apart from her film’s business, Hansika is becoming popular as a painter.


This gorgeous beauty is selling her painting for hefty prices. As per the reports, her latest Radha Krishna painting was sold for 15 lakhs. As Hansika is popular in the film industry, her fame is being reflected on her part time business. Hansika’s tag is fetching her huge profits for her paintings.

Interestingly, few other beauties too were trying in this aspect. Kajal Agarwal is investing her hard earned money to construct a B School. Few actresses invested money in hotel businesses and few more invested in Real Estate. Hansika’s path is quite different as she is using her talent rather than her hard earned money!

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