Hansika’s Fake Manager!

The bubbly and sweet Hansika Motwani is a media darling for sure and her fans adore her, but is someone trying to capitalize on her warm hearted nature? Well that seems to be the case and it has been brought to everyone’s attention by the actress herself.


Apparently, someone has been using the actress’s name in the wrong places for some kind of personal gain. To be more precise, someone has been posing as her manager of sorts and trying to talk to people about her professional and financial decisions.

As soon as this came to Hansika’s attention through the grapevine, she came out with a press release for all concerned. This is what it said:

It had been brought to my attention by certain friends in the film industry that a particular person had been misusing my name. I believe he had been calling himself as my manager and subsequently discussing my projects as well as finance too..

Through this mail I reassure that it is my mother Dr.Mona who helps and guides me in this process. Anybody who deals with such “fake people”are doing so at their own risk.

People in the industry were shocked to hear this and have taken the matter quite seriously. After all, Hansika is one of the busiest stars in town and we are talking about potentially a lot of money and time being wasted if someone deals with this imposter, thinking he represents the actress.

The question now remains in everyone’s mind though… just who is this person? And who all have been fooled by him so far?

In any case, Hansika has played it safe and guess she has done all she could.

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