Hansika’s chilling cold water bath for charity!

Sexy beauty Hansika Motwani is known for her kindness and charities. She is raising several kids as a part of her charity programs. She is even taking care of few NGOs who are intended to help people. Now, she is coming up with a chilling cold water bath video to raise charity for ASL foundation.


Hansika turned heads up for the famous ‘Ice Bucket Challenge’. This involves Hansika to pour chilling cold water right from her head till her toe. It is really tough to manage such extreme temperature. Previously, few celebrities went for this kind of act in the past and raised huge amounts for the charity.

Now, South Indian beauty Hansika Motwani is trying her luck in this aspect. ASL foundation will use the money generated by this video to provide facilities for the kids who are suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis disease. Apart from the money generated by this video, ASL foundation will get enough publicity in South India. This will generate more awareness among Indians about ASL foundation.

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