Half naked Mallika covered with US flag

Mallika Sherawat has already created waves in the Indian cinema. However, she has been out of Bollywood films for quite a while now. The pretty lady is out-of-work in Bollywood only because her hands are full of Hollywood films at the moment. There are two Hollywood films that are coming out which will feature the sexy actress in the lead role. One is in the movie “Hisss”, directed by Jennifer Chambers Lynch in which she plays a snake woman. And the other one is “Love Barack” in which she plays a supporter of Barack Obama.

Both the films “Hisss” and “Love, Barack” have been screened at the Cannes Film Festival 2010. Mallika Sherawat was also present there to promote her films and she did manage to create a stir too. In the promotional first look poster of the movie “Love, Barack”, Mallika is seen wrapped in American Flag along with co-star Laz Alonso. The poster have already generated a lot of attention.

The movie,”Love,Barack” is a political comedy directed by American filmaker Doug McHenry. Mallika Sherawat plays Aretah Gupta who is a devoted local Obama volunteer coordinator. Then a moth before the election day, she falls for a handsome African-American, played by Avatar star Laz Alonso, who is working at McCain office.

Going by the looks of the poster, it seems there will be many interesting scenes. Let’s hope the film is as interesting as the poster.

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