Haider Review

Rating: 4/5

Critic Rating: (4/5)

Haider Movie Review: Enthralling Cinematic Bliss

Vishal Bhardwaj’s envision of Shakespeare’s Hamlet is just going to leave you speechless. The man has just given new dimensions to the age-old story we all are aware of. The characters just come alive on screen. It is a cinematic bliss.

The story has Indian touch to it, and the plot is just going to render you awed. The way the story progresses and the way the characters are placed in the Kashmiri setting, all just falls into place. Some really brilliant performances are in store for the viewers.

The story is just not the story of Haider, but it is one, that will touch you in ways you never imagined. Haider is what a benchmark in Indian cinematic journal. The aptness of the plot is proven in every bit. You cannot help but admire the world painted onscreen. When Jannat is gnawed in bloodbath, all you can do is sit and figure out, what really led to the ultimate end.

Star Performances:

Shahid Kapoor is a show stealer. He has just outdone himself. When you will think of Shahid’s best performance, you would surely place Haider at the top slot. Shahid has always been that cute looker who is jaw-dropping sexy, but he has just broken all barriers and given to us Haider. He as Haider is just mind-boggling. He gets under the skin and delivers a mighty show. Understanding his complex character is not what everyone would be able to do, but Shasha has not only deciphered him, but he adds more depth and shades to his character.

Tabu, as Ghazala, is just fantastic. She is one actress, who can put life into a dead character, so with an in-depth character like Ghazala, she has just shown to the world her acting caliber, yet again. Torn between worlds, Ghazala is the trigger to the whole plot.

When it comes to acting, Kay Kay Menon just never disappoints. His Khurram, is that man with blood-stained hands, but an ambitious soul. Refreshingly well, Irrfan Khan has a brief but a very pivotal role. He is the one that changes the equations on screen and in the story.

And when it comes to Shraddha Kapoor, then you have never seen this girl act like that. Vishal Bhardwaj has just uncovered the actor in the bubbly girl. Every actor has just given their best shot and you will be having a hard time in putting your bets on just one.


Though Indianized, the basic essence of Hamlet is retained. Complexities and confusing feelings, we humans feel is painted live on the screen. The setting in the Kashmir and the whole angle has just been given a new take. What actually happens is subtly put on the silver screen.

You can’t help but admire the scenic beauty of Kashmir in the film, but the ending sequence, where the snow-capped Jannat is dripping blood, will move something in you.

The music score by veteran director, is just what totally sets the tone right for the movie, and has a great role in the whole setting of the film. As a director, Vishal Bhardwaj always leaves us jaw-dropped. His cinematic vision is far ahead than most, but when we get to see a piece of his mind, we are spell-bound.

Completing his Trilogy of Shakespearean plays with Hamlet, was a lauding choice indeed. We have seen so much from the director, but he always brings to us something new. He has a bounty and what we see is just a figment. Haider in no time becomes our own story and you can’t help but connect to it on some level.

Having said that, there were a few changes made in the storyline, which deviates from the Shakespearean play, just so to suit the Indian setting. Plus the duration of the movie might not go down well with everyone.

Watch or Not:

Highly Recommended. Haider is a film, which enriches your movie watching experience and you should at no cost miss this opportunity. Films like Haider remain really close to our hearts, and will be exampled as cinematic masterpieces in the coming years. We all have inner demons and societal ones to, ‘jaan lu ki jaan do’ depends on us. It is nothing like a commercial entertainer, but a film that will serve as food for thought. Do watch it!

Thumbs Up: The storyline, acting, music, plot

Thumbs Down: A little lengthy

Yawns: Depends

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