Gym is my second home says Samantha

Southern star actress Samantha has claimed that she has a second home apart from her own home. If you think that second home as the house of Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, then you are mistaken.


Samantha is known for her fitness and every now and then she shares pictures and videos of her workouts on her Instagram. She spends her free time at Gym and tries to keep her body in shape all the time. In her latest interview, she has highlighted all the advantages of working out. Sam says that she loves to do exercise not for the shape and sexy appeal but for the inner peace. She went further and said that she feels more confident and refreshing if she workout on par to men and she enjoys spending time at the gym with her fiance Naga Chaitanya. Sam declared that gym is her second home as she spends more time there when she is not at her home.

As of now, she has got only one film as the female lead and it is none other that Charan-Sukumar’s combo movie.

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