GV Prakash’s Trisha or Nayanthara

He is a youngster. His admiration for Trisha and Nayanthara is huge. He is so deep in love with these heroines that he decided to marry someone such stature and beauty. Due to some unexpected circumstances he falls in love with two teenage girls. What happens to him at last? Does he find his true love in both these girl? Is the story of “Trisha leda Nayanthara.”

G.V.Prakash and Anandhi
G.V.Prakash and Anandhi

“Trisha Illana Nayanthara,” is the original title of this film. The film was made in Tamil and is being dubbed into Telugu. A.R.Rahman’s nephew G.V.Prakash, who is also a music director, is the hero of this film. This film was directed by Adhik Ravichandran and is a huge hit in Tamil.

This sex comedy film also stars Anandhi and Manisha Yadav in the prominent roles. Veteran actress Simran has done a cameo in this film. “Trisha leda Nayanthara” Telugu rights were acquired by Rushi media and produced by Krishna and Ramesh.

Telugu version audio got released recently. In this function, G.V.Prakash said, “This film represents the thoughts of the youth. It is a bold film frankly speaking. I have composed the music in Telugu and dubbed my character myself.”

Heroine Anandhi said that “Trisha Illana Nayanthara is a huge hit in Tamil. We are confident that the Telugu version will also be a good hit.”

This film’s release date will be announced soon, said the producers.

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