Guns for sex toys!

Washington: A drive-thru adult novelty shop in the US has come up with a new promotion called Guns for Toys, which offers customers sex toys in exchange for guns.

The store, Pleasures, on University Drive in Huntsville, offers anyone, who trades in a gun, credit that’s equal to the value of the weapon.

It will have a gun appraiser on hand from February 8 through February 15.

Sheri Williams, who owns Pleasures, says she hopes to reduce crime with her special deal, and hopes to collect 300 guns.

“The motto is, ‘make love not war’. And with valentine’s around the corner, we think it will be very successful,” quoted her as saying.

Williams said the weapons will be refurbished and sold at auction, and some of the proceeds will go to help victims of violent crime.(ANI)

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