Gundhe Jhalumandi

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Uday Kiran, who is badly in need of hit, comes up with a love story this time in order to catch the interest of youngsters. The story was weaved with the college back drop and the first half is interesting. But the moment the villain enters the twists and turns leave the audience fed up.




A Village guy named Balaraju (Uday Kiran) wants to become a graduate in order to get the post of the Sarpanach in his village. So, he comes to the nearby town to pursue his graduation in Bachelor of Arts. Meanwhile the female lead Neelima (Aditi Sharma) who pursues her graduation in the same college creates a character Rajesh with who she is in love. In factual living of the guy named Rajesh never exists. But to stay out of gossips the beauty plans to won a boyfriend in her life.


The reason to create a fictions character by Neelima is that her elder sister who was studying her higher studies falls in love with a guy named Munna. By doing so, she wrecks her studies and so to avoid love proposals from her male classmates Neelima creates the imaginary tale of a boyfriend named Rajesh with whom, she is love.


Incidentally, the hero and the heroine fall in love with each other. But Balaraju is reluctant to accept the love and boats that he is already in love with another girl Lavanya pursuing her engineering.


Finally, they accept love towards each other and narrate their own experiences of creating fictions characters. So, they kill the characters Rajesh and Lavanya and unite. But as the film story must have some suspense element in it and so the director adds another characters named Rajesh. Rajesh creates misunderstanding between the lead couple in love.
The conclusion is suspense about the Rajesh character and what happens in the end. The whole climax is little bit interesting and must be watched on silver screen




Uday Kiran as an actor has matured a lot. His wise acting skills make him look like the senior actors. May be the bad experiences in his real life has transformed him into an actor with a flame in him .his well toned body is visible in two fights and the romance element is well churned out from him.


Aditi Sharma has also well acted. But lacks the correct expressions in some scenes to the apt the dialogues. But still her new face with lot of glamour will make her legible for tow or more films in tollywood.


Ahuthi Prasad from the past two years is getting well exposed on the silver screen. His interesting brief character and the well balanced acting make him a highlight to the story.


Sureka vani, Jaya Prakash narayana acted well in the film.


Venu Madhav leads the comedy track in this film, but the same old comedy wine bottled with a new look fails to impress.
Music is average and only one song is catchy. The rest of the songs act in increasing the reel length.


On the whole the film is for the youth, by the youth and to the youth. Family audiences have nothing in this film. This film will run for 3 weeks at the most. – (telugu cinema news)

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