Gundammagari Manavadu

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Wafer thin strength in characterization and lack of seriousness in exposition of the story to a logical conclusion will mar the movie’s chances with urban audience, while respite can be expected in the low rung centers. Lady director B. Jaya deserves high praise for making the movie free from any obscene treatment. Hero Ali alone carries the weight of the movie’s fate.




Edu Kondalu (Ali), who comes under the care of his grandmother Gundamma (Vadivukkarasi) is a wastrel. His dad Srisailam (Tannikella Bharani) is a drunkard. At a time when Gundamma desperately hopes against hope that her grandson be married for the good, Edu Kondalu falls in love with Mahalakshmi (Sindhura), his niece. But, his uncle Nellakantam ( Kota) rejects the proposal. "I want a rich son-in-law", he declares. Gundamma succeeds in making Edu Kondalu a pride owner of a hotel and rich to some extent. But, Neelakantam plays a vile design for getting even richer Alludu. As a result, their hotel is raged to ground. The old lady and her grandson are on the streets! The old woman dies a miserable death unable to bear the humiliation. Edu Kondalu decides to wreck vengeance and at the same time teach a lesson to the baddies. A rich gal (Nikol) would come to his rescue. How our hero accomplishes the task forms the climax.




Ali excelled in his performance with perfect timing in all departments – comedy, songs, sentiment and action. You can even say: Ali alone carries the weight on his shoulders. Vadivukkarasi enacted one of Tollywood’s all time famous characters – Gundamma. But, there is pathetically lacking the stamina and force of the original lady boss. Sindhura, a new girl played the niece to the hero, while Nikol played a character with urbane touch. Tannikella as usual rips the screen with his hilarious performance as a drunkard; and at the same time he evokes pathos during certain tragic scenes. Kota is invincible as a greedy mama. Venu Madhav played an irrelevant role.


Technical values


The story would leave the audience frustrated if they dare to expect the sentiment and flavor of the original Gundamma lineage. Screenplay is nagging. Direction by Jaya is plain, treating the characterization angle in a free style.


The characterization of Gundamma is a letdown. Introductory words project Gundamma as an unconquerable woman, but she is shown in a pitiable condition and who later dies without fulfillment. The sentimental value of grandmother and grandson relationship is not etched out clearly. To put it short, portrayal of each and every role has its own loopholes.


Music by Vandemataram Srinivas is an asset to the movie. Some of the songs are a good watch. Dialogues are good.


The complete absence of vulgarity will become a plus point to the movie.


Comedy is adequate. AVS single bit is hilarious. However, Venu Madhav disappoints as his role seems irrelevant.




The movie is a letdown if the audience remembers the reputably notorious Gundamma – Suryakantham.

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