Gunasekhar’s indirect satires on ‘Baahubali’

Director cum producer Gunasekhar, who has worked very hard to finish his most prestigious project ‘Rudramadevi’ starring Anushka in the title role, has finally revealed in a pressmeet that the film will release on September 4th. Not to forget that the film was originally slated to release for sankranthi 2016 and it had multiple postponements since the buyers were not interested to invest on this film.

Gunasekhar Indirect Satires on Baahubali
Gunasekhar Indirect Satires on Baahubali

After the super success of Baahubali, Rudramadevi got a lifeline that people are encouraging folk movies and hence the release of Rudramadevi. But Gunasekhar seems to have cracked few satires aiming at Baahubali as he said, ‘Rudramadevi is not just made of graphics and VFX work but to tell our history. I have just focused on a good story to tell rather than on graphic gimmicks’.

Is he hinting that Baahubali is nothing but VFX work?

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