Gunasekhar is in confusion with Jr NTR and Allu Arjun!

Gunashekar, who bagged a decent hit with his latest historical flick ‘Rudhramadevi,’ is now gearing up for his next film. Though what could be his next film is still a question mark to many including him, talk has that Guna might bring the character Gona Ganna Reddy and do a full-length film over this character.

Allu Arjun, Gunasekhar and Jr.NTR
Allu Arjun, Gunasekhar and Jr.NTR

Gona Ganna Reddy’s character was first seen in ‘Rudhramadevi’ portrayed by Allu Arjun. This was the first time picturise that character. Post ‘Rudhramadevi’ release, Gona Ganna Reddy character was received well across the globe for his slang and characterization.

Now, sources say that producer Dil Raju is keen on producing ‘Gona Ganna Reddy’ if Gunashekar completed the script work. On the other hand, Guna is keen upon filming ‘Prathaparudrudu.’ Struck with a dilemma whether to make Prathaparudrudu or Gona Ganna Reddy first Gunashekar has no clarity over these films.

What matter’s here the most is if any of the two films that first get’s picturised, who could be the hero. In the past rumours broke that Jr.NTR could be the hero for Gunashekar’s next. If ‘Prathaparudrudu’ is first, then NTR could likely be the hero in it, if Guna directs Gona Ganna Reddy for his next film, then Allu Arjun might once again do the character.

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