Gulaab Gang Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Critic Rating: (2.5/5)

Rajju ( Madhuri Dixit) is a village girl in a remote area who is very determined from her childhood and struggles for education. Her mission and dream is to develop her village and make education accessible to all kids in the village. She enlightens other women and they form into a gang. The gang dresses in pink sarees and fights together to solve their problems and help other women in distress. At times they become violent and fight against the corrupt system while struggling to get the basic needs like electricity, water and food for the village. Madam (Juhi Chawla) is an established high profile, egocentric and selfish politician. During an election campaign, Madam (Juhi Chawla) visits Rajju’s village and asks her support.

Initially, Rajju supports Madam’s party hoping her village would develop. When a girl from Rajju’s village is raped by a Politician’s son, Madam supports the politician. Rajju decides to participate in the elections. Madam destroys entire gang, killing one after the other.  At last Rajju’s dream of establishing a school comes true when an institution come forward to start a school in her village.

Soumik Sen’s success in bringing the questions of women empowerment to the mainstream cinema is commendable, despite the fact that film suffers certain flaws in the screenplay.

Story starts off well but fails to retain the interest till the end. Rajju (Maduri Dixit) is established as a very powerful and strong character, low angle camera angles enhance her onscreen presence. But the content of the scene dose not reflect that magnificence. Towards the second half, the entire issue becomes a fight between two women with heavy dialogues. Interaction scenes between Rajju and Madam are too dramatic and are not convincing.

Juhi Chawla and Maduri Dixit performed well, working on the minute details of the characters.

Tannishta Chatterjee, Priyanka Bose and Divya Jagdale, the supporting actors in the gang did their roles well and tried their best to contribute to the theme. Dances and songs are done up well but they are did not contribute to the progression of the story, also distracting the plot.

Cinematography is a big plus for the film. Landscapes and village atmosphere is beautiful.


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