Guess who RGV is bringing back?

Controversial filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma is gearing up to start the shooting of ‘Vangaveeti’ biopic despite several threats from a section of Vijayawada batch.

Happy Days Fame Vamsi in RGV Vangaveeti
Happy Days Fame Vamsi in RGV Vangaveeti

After finalizing actors to play Vangaveeti and his wife Ratna Kumari, Varma has now selected an actor to play the role of Devineni Murali. Varma posted the pic and everyone was amazed after he revealed who that actor was.

He is none other than ‘Happy Days’ Vamsi. Audience might still remember the character of Vamsi, who gets rift with friends after falling into the trap of his girlfriend. After acting in two to three films after ‘Happy Days’, Vamsi went missing from the radar.

RGV is bringing him back with ‘Vangaveeti’ biopic. Varma gave the compete credit to Vamsi for his transformation to look like Devineni Murali.

We must admit that Varma still has his genius spark.

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