Greeku Veerudu Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

It is said that the greatest artist is the one who doesn’t leave a signature.However, the world had often celebrated the signatures, more so amongst filmmakers.As exciting it is to experience a signature getting refined, it is rather dreadful when the signature itself starts at a low with the dull technique getting lazier and all the more intolerable with time.


This is Dasarath’s sixth film and it doesn’t dent his reputation of having used the craft to almost zero effect to compliment his stolen clichés. It must take some talent to spend so much and get so little out of it. Chandu the NRI is what we believe Nagarjuna is popular for on and off screen, the weekend lover.Sex is all that matters, relationships are not for him and he’s filthy rich. Unlike the real Nag, Chandu has this dreadful past where his dad died and his mom told him never to get into relationships. Just like that, she’s crying about her husband in the kitchen one day, the young Chandu is a fat kid looking dumb as ever and she says “never get into any relationships, they are a pain” and the fat kid agreed.

Sandhya (Nayanatara) is by default someone who believes in bonds, families, over fed people smiling in slo-mo and visiting temples. Had to be. So how come people with such distinctly contradictory personalities fall in love? Seems impossible. How can that possibly happen in any universe? But this film did create its own world where hardly anything made sense. There are just two places – a city in the US and a village in AP. Time of the day was never clear
and the reaction shots had nothing to with the otherwise action on screen. It was all disconnected, discontinuous and in a sense a cinematic dystopia. Basically anything can happen here and without much surprise the usual family waiting for a reason to celebrate is it.

Actors – the last nail

Apart from the lousy technical standards, the acting further contributes to making this unwatchable. After all these years, none of the actors really need to work hard and seem silly. I think they are all aware of the fact, did as little as they needed to and the editing took care of the rest.


It was almost like everything was in place for the summer release: a time tested plot, a star and a feel good director. But, this cast and crew just seemed content with the idea and hadn’t executed a single sequence that’s worthy of the budget or the buzz.

P.S. please stop naming films after song titles that have nothing to do with the film. Coming up with an appropriate title might be a good place to knock some sense into these films. Why bother anyways, this film is dubbed into Tamil as Love Story.

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