Great shock to Ram Gopal Varma – film career in trouble!

Controversial director Ram Gopal Varma is now in bottleneck problems. Recently, RGV commented on few aspects in the media. He raised his voice that he wants to make a flick titled KCR. Without stopping there, he tried to take advantage of Vinayaka Chavithi season.


He posted few controversial tweets on Lord Ganapathi and this turned out to push RGV into lots of troubles. Even though he apologized to the media for his comments, hurdles didn’t leave him. CGSI Chief Vivek Shetty filed a complaint to boycott RGV’s upcoming films across India.

It is clear that RGV is trying to do publicity with these statements in social media sites. Now, his latest tweets destroyed the very purpose of the aspect for which he started the publicity. Till now, RGV commented on various aspects but this time, he commented on an aspect to which most of the people in India are related. If they boycott his films, RGV and his department may fall in deep trouble!

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