Grand Masti Review

Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

Indra kumar, is well-known for big hits like Dil and Beta in 90s. When Bollywood entered the new millennium opening up to experiment with good scripts, his template-based stories did not find any takers. Then, Indra Kumar tried to seek the help of a safe genre – comedy, and made Masti. Then followed Dhamaal, which was OK, but when he tried to cash in on the brand name, Double Dhamaal bombed at the box-office. Apparently Grand Masti is a mistake repeated.

The movie begins with three college buddies, Meet, Amar and Prem who are just about to graduate from SLUTS (Sri Lalchand UniversIty of Technology and Sciences) and they expect their post marriage to be very colorful. Six years later, it turns out to be contrary to their expectations. Their wives are too busy either in their daily chores or office work or taking care of their infant, but not spending any time to satiate their husbands’ desires. The three
friends decide to go their college union to have some ‘fun’. There they come across three sexstarved women Rose-Mary-Maarlow (this phrase is spoken repeatedly in the movie to tickle the audience. Sorry it’s funny only once!) who happen to be wife, daughter and sister of the Hitlerlike strict Principal. As expected, the trio is smitten by these three women, and the plot quickly shifts to the bedroom. The rest of the movie is a Tom-and-Jerry show between the Principal and Meet-Amar-Prem.

Well, the writer ( Milap Zaveri) and director had no qualms to bring in a heavy dose of ‘A’ factor in this adult-comedy. However, they seem to be too occupied with sex-quotient they are offering through the movie that they went too easy on the script. There are umpteen doubleentendre one-liners, which are enjoyable, at places. However, when not well-complemented by an interesting script, they cannot save the movie.

Aftab and Ritiesh were OK. Vivek Oberoi is annoying and artifical. The women ensemble was just an assorted bunch of mannequins in skimpy outfits. Pradeep Rawat is ineffective, and Suresh Menon, was given a role which is far away from funny and very near to unbearable. Masti had a much better cast, characters and story. (‘Masti’ itself was a mediocre flick, but with ‘Grand Masti’ coming in, the first part might look like a classic)

Stay away from Grand Masti!

Reviewed by Rag Mayur

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