Grand Masti is a vulgar film, not an adult comedy – Indie Makers

One is fully aware of the War of the Worlds that is raging between Independent Film Makers and Commercial Film Makers. The independents, also labelled as ‘Indies’, always have an issue with the ideas and methods in which the commercial cinema is made. They continue to lash out at every box office attempt, be it in any Indian Film Industry. The latest film to get targeted by these groups is the Bollywood blockbuster comedy, Grand Masti. The film is a sequel to the original hit made by Inder Kumar in 2004, Masti. Touted to be a A grade film with adult comedy, the film managed to amuse the young crowd and ring in the cash registers. However, the Indies have a very different thing to say about films that fall under Adult Comedies. They opined that Grand Masti is nothing but a B Grade, Vulgar film and cannot be classified into Adult comedies. Now, given that commercial film makers don’t react strongly to their comments and critics have their own safe space to hide, how does it matter what category it falls. The film connected with the masses and business it is, at the end of the day!

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