Gowarikar’s epic saga continues

MUMBAI, JUNE 07 (TNN) A simpleton named Mahesh Das walked into Emperor Akbar’s court and asked for 50 lashes. When the young man won a duel of words with one of the senior Ministers of his court, Akbar was very impressed. He named him Birbal.

This is just one of the many scenes that Ashutosh Gowarikar had to snip off at the editing table to maintain the length of his magnum opus, Jodhaa Akbar. But for those who missed out on all these scenes, there is nothing to lose hope.

All the deleted scenes will now be put together in the DVD version, when it releases in three week’s time. Gowarkar explains, "Each scene has been shot so beautifully that we thought it would be a waste if people would never see it. So we have put all these scenes as part of the DVD release with the hope that people can enjoy all that we have created."

Here is one magnum opus that beats all magnum opus’. Wonder if Gowarikar had had his way, what would have been the length of the film?

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