Govindudu Andarivadele Review

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

Last year has been a bad year for Ram Charan Teja. “Yevadu” lost the form and got postponed to 2015. On the other hand, “Zanjeer” too failed at the box office. With determination, Ram Charan decided to blast the box office this year with family entertainer “Govindudu Andarivadele”. This venture came up with huge expectations and the film makers too didn’t compromise on the quality and promotions of the venture. Read on to know whether this film unit created sensation with this flick or not.


Ram Charan (Abhiram) is born and brought up in London. He lives along with his dad (Raghu) in London. As a person who has keen interest on Indian culture and tradition, Abhiram tries to find out the truth behind their origin. His father explains him the scenario of what made them come out of a joint family in India. After understanding the entire scenario, Abhiram decides to go to India to re-unite the families. After coming to India, Abhiram understands that his grandfather Prakash Raj (Balaraju) and his younger son, Srikanth (Bangaram) too were separated. He decides to join the entire family and he started with Bangaram. In between several villains will come in the story who wants to setup a beer factory against the wish of Balaraju. Series of situations will take the story to a new level and in between Kajal, who is Balaraju’s granddaughter will fall in love with Abhiram. How the situation will unite the entire family apart from approving Abhiram’s love should be seen on the big screen.

Technical Aspects:

Krishna Vamsi made sure to include all the interesting aspects and sentiments in this flick. Kajal and Kamilini Mukharjee were well shown as Telugu girls. Ram Charan and Srikanth too were highlighted well in the flick. Good scope was giving to all the characters but the story is not too new. One can watch this flick for the sequences, sentiments and the freshness. One may not feel interested if one goes to the theatre to watch a fresh story.

The way Krishna Vamsi took the origin of the story looked a bit like “Attarintiki Daredi”. Even though the scenarios were different, the starting of the flick memorizes the shades of that flick. Screenplay and Cinematography were well maintained. The freshness in the village was well captured. In a season where all the films are mass entertainers, this sort of a fresh village story will refresh audience.

Editing, Choreography and locations were all fine. It could have been much better if the background score sync up perfectly with the story. Songs were well shot and the locations too were good.


Krishna Vamsi gave good scope for acting to all the actors while he restricted them in the songs. Majority of the songs are based on emotions and hence there is less chance for the Mega Fans to see powerful steps of Ram Charan. Compared to the previous flicks, Ram Charan performed well with respect to emotions in this flick. Kajal Agarwal and Kamilini Mukharjee can be considered as assets for this flick.

Several audience felt that Prakash Raj lost the battle this season by losing “Aagadu” offer. This film will clear all those aspects. Prakash Raj got a versatile role and it is a cake walk for him to act in this role. Srikanth too got a role which he played in the past and hence he did it with ease. Other cast and crew supported well to the main cast.

On an average:

On an average, this film is good to watch if you wish to have a flavor of the village atmosphere and the freshness of the family entertainer. As all the ventures in this season are mass flicks, this fresh village family entertainer can relax your nerves. On the other hand, we should accept the fact that it is tough to get a fresh and new story for family entertainers. Hence, situations in this flick can memorize past ventures but the scenarios and the cinematography may make this film look good for the audience. This film has all the ingredients and hence it can be considered as a hit in this season. A fresh wave of good talk amidst few mixed and negative talk ventures.

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