Govinda’s fishy romantic scene!

Govinda and newbie Yuvika Chaudhary faced a stinky problem recently when they had to shoot a romantic scene for ‘[email protected]’ at Madh Island. And it was all because of fish!

"Yuvika and Govinda had to do a romantic scene, but around afternoon the area where they were shooting started stinking of fish. Initially, things were bearable, but the stench grew so much that the entire unit had to tie towels on their nose and mouth to escape the torture," said a source from the unit.

"The situation was bad because of the stink. Every time Govinda and Yuvika had to do the scene they would uncover the nose. This made the situation funny as Yuvika kept on spraying her perfume every now and then. The stench made things very difficult," added the source.

We’ll watch out for that scene in the movie, to see how Govinda and Yuvika handled it. Who knows, we might even get to see a whole new set of the comic star’s fun expressions.(IANS)

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