Governor has not sent any adverse report: CM

Governor ESL Narasimhan has not sent any adverse report to the Centre on the state of things in the state, chief minister K Rosaiah has asserted.

Speaking at a press conference here today at the end of his twoday visit to the district, the chief minister said that the governor had called him up and clarified on media reports. “Rosaiah, I have not sent any special reports or survey reports on the government except my routine messages to the President,’’ the chief minister quoted the governor as having told him.

About media reports that the governor had sent a status report, Rosaiah said the governor had to respond or the President and the prime minister had to respond on the matter, and made it clear that the governor had not sent any report against his government.

Referring to former finance minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s observation that a financial crisis was prevailing in the state, Rosaiah, who is also the finance minister, advised the TDP leader to introspect over his party’s rule. Every year during Ramakrishnudu’s five-year-long stint as finance minister the TDP government had relied on overdrafts and “begged’’ the Reserve Bank to “maintain’’ the state. In comparison, the Congress government had nver, in the past six years, resorted to seeking overdraft or not knocked on the doors of the Reserve Bank for any help, Rosaiah claimed.

On Yanamala Ramakrishnudu’s demand for declaration of financial emergency in the state, the chief minister said, “Yanamala wants somehow to be in the news, and have space for himself on the political scene. Making wild remarks with that objective is not proper and his wish will not be fulfilled.’’ Though there was tremendous pressure on the financial position of the state, the government was able to manage things without asking for overdraft from the Reserve Bank, he claimed. “Financial adjustments, revised estimates and debts are most common in any government, but it is not correct to demand financial emergency, that too by a former finance minister like Yanamala,’’ Rosaiah countered.

Responding to the allegation that the state government failed to get more funds from the Centre, the chief minister said every government had to rule the country or the state within the set guidelines. “Whichever party, UPA nor NDA, is in power at the Centre that government functions in accordance with the rules and guidelines.

How much fund could the Telugu Desam government could secure from the Centre when the NDA was in power at the Centre?’’ he asked.

The government has to rule the state as per its income and expenditure. It is not uncommon for governments to face ups and downs in governance,’’ Rosaiah explained.

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