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July 4 (IndiaGlitz): Unimpressive and old-fashioned film

Super Good Films is known for bringing out family subjects. Almost all the films that came on the banner could be watched by the entire family by sitting together. A few years ago, Dr Rajasekhar played hero for ‘Simharasi’ on the banner with Samudra as director. After a long gap, the banner roped in the hero once again for the remake of a successful Kannada film ‘Anna Thangi’. On receipt of the proposal, Rajasekhar and Jeevitha watched the film and they were very much impressed with the subject. As the subject was completely jelled with sentiment, Rajasekhar came to a conclusion that he could attract the families and agreed to do the role. Then Meera Jasmine, who had innocent looks and at the same time had enough glamour to play the role of a sister was roped in as the sister. With VR Pratap wielding the megaphone, the film came out as ‘Gorintaku’.

Ashok (Rajasekhar) and Lakshmi (Meera Jasmine) are brother and sisters. Their father Sarvarayudu (Rajasekhar), who was a landlord of the village, and mother (Sujitha), die during Lakshmi’s childhood. Ashok and Lakshmi turn inseparable. Like any other girl, Lakshmi also falls in love with a boy called Aakash (Aakash), but makes it clear that she would love or marry him only with the blessings and acceptance of her brother. Ashok performs her marriage. He also marry a girl called Nandini (Arthi Agarwal) on the same dais. After their marriage, Aakash and Lakshmi lead a happy life along with Aakash’s cousins and sisters-in-law. In a gap of seven years, Lakshmi turns the mother of two daughters and a son. Then Nandini also turns pregnant but suffers abortion due to the intervention of one Kantham, who stays with her claiming to be her aunt. As Nandini’s uterus was also removed, Ashok turns childless and to please him Aakash and Lakshmi bring their children to cajole him. By the time Aakash returns to their house, his cousins cheat him and swindle the entire property. Aakash gets jailed in a cheque bounce case. Lakshmi and her children turn orphans. With the Kantham’s advice, Nandini throws Lakshmi out of house and warns her not to try to meet her brother. With no way to save her husband and her family, Lakshmi commits suicide with her three children and on learning this Ashok also dies proving that they are inseparable even in death.

As far as performance, Rajasekhar truly lived in the role of a brother. He performed with complete eloquence to win the hearts of women audiences. Especially, he showed good emotion in sentiment scenes. Once again, Saikumar’s dialogues came in very handy and they were in perfect sync with his body language. Meera Jasmine is the other performer to make note of in the film. Her character was etched with different shades as a innocent girl, as a trickster, as a chivalrous girl, a loveable sister, a wife, a mother and what not. She appeared a perfect fit in all the shades of her role. Especially, her performance in the climax is worth watching. Arthi Agarwal, the heroine of the film, has not much role to play in the film but to show some inhibition just before the climax. Arthi was able to perform her role well, which has a negative touch. Others including Chandramohan, Sivaji Raja, Surya, Brahmaji, Raviprakash, Hema, Surekhavani and others did justice to their roles

Behind the screen, camera work by Akhilan is okay while Nandamuri Hari did his job as usual while editing the copy. Music by SA Rajkumar is average as he had not much scope to give tunes either with a fast beat or in youthful tune as the subject did not allow him to do so. However, the background score and re-recording should have bee a little better. The basic drawback in the film is the subject. It is aimed at a particular section of audiences — families. Hence the director could not go beyond certain limits with his hands tied with the subject based only on brother-sister sentiment. Screenplay was also very old fashioned.

The story being a tear-jerker, could please the audiences who were in their above 40s. It could neither please the youth nor college going students. In the absence of any mass masala ingredients, the commercial success of the story depends on how the family audiences welcome it. The comedy track picturised on Venumadhav has nothing to do with the film and at the same time he miserably failed to make the audiences laugh heartily.

Cast: Rajasekhar, Meera Jasmine, Arthi Agarwal, Akash, Sujitha, Chandramohan, Sivajiraja, Surya, Brahmaji, Raviprakash, PJ Sarma, Venumadhav, Uttej, Gauthamraju, Hema Choudary, Hema, Surekhavani, Prabhavati

Credits: Dialogues – Gangotri Viswanath, Lyrics – Veturi and Sirivennela, Music – SA Rajkumar, Camera – Akhilan, Editing – Nandamuri Hari, Presents – RB Choudary, Producers – NV Prasad and Paras Jain, Screenplay and direction – VR Pratap.

Banner: Mega Super Good Films

Released on: July 4, 2008

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