Gopi Sunder wants CM Oommen Chandy to sing!

Bizarre as it sounds, it’s true! Gopi Sunder expressed his desire to make the current Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy sing, in a television interview he gave recently!


Well now, that’s an odd wish if there ever was one.. but here’s the reason. As a music composer and producer, Gopi apparently is always on the lookout for interesting voices and it looks like he found one he likes in the veteran Congress politician.

“I don’t have the courage to ask him directly about this,” says the very talented musical wizard, “but if he says yes, I would be thrilled to write a song for him to sing.”

This song wouldn’t be in a movie though, he added. No folks, this very hypothetical song would be an independent one made just for Mr Chandy’s many admirers in the state. Imagine the hit that would make – surely the party itself would make use of it come next election time and maybe even for years to come.

Talk about an ‘unexpected’ popular hit in the making!

Gopi’s dreams are ambitious to say the least but he has proven himself capable of carrying them through to a finish. The young composer recently started his own music production company titled simply as the Gopi Dunder Music Company.

The aim of this, he said was to make low budget, high quality music and to find new raw talent and to polish it up. The company would own any and all music created by him in the future.

Gopi has also been invited to Bollywood next year to compose for certain films to be produced under the banner of actor/producer John Abraham’s company. The sensational Bollywood hero was enthralled by Gopi’s music in the film Ustaad Hotel and decided to use him for some of his own films, according to sources.

So Kerala’s own Gopi Sunder may soon be creating foot tapping numbers for a national and maybe even international audience!

Wishing you all the best and keep rocking us with your music..

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