Gopi Gopika Godavari

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What it’s all about?
The film Gopi Gopika Godavari is a love story but the twist is that the lovers have never met in person and they fall in love while learning about each other talking over the phone. They try to meet but fate has other plans. The film revolves around the suspense over how and when the two lovers will finally come face to face with one another.

The plot:
Gopi (Venu) is a singer who runs his own orchestra. He has an aged mother Geetanjali. She loses her sight due to some serious medical condition. Gopika (Kamalini Mukherjee) is a doctor. She runs a mobile boat clinic and treats patients by visiting them on her boat in the small villages on river Godavari popularly referred to as ‘lankalu’.

Gopika stays with her mother Jayalalitha. Gopika’s mother wants her daughter to marry a young US returned doctor. However Gopika is not in a hurry to get married. She befriends Venu over phone and their friendship slowly turns into love. They talk over phone every day and send each other gifts by courier. Gopika wants Gopi to come to Polavaram and meet her mother so that they can get married.

Gopi is attacked by some thieves at Bhadrachalam. They beat him up and throw an unconscious Gopi into the river. Gopika waits for Gopi in vain. The injured and unconscious Gopi is washed ashore. He is rescued by Gopika and she treats him on her mobile clinic. Gopi recovers but he loses his memory due to the injuries on his head.

Gopika’s mother then tells Gopika to forget Gopi as he has ditched her and arranges her marriage with the US returned doctor. Gopi who has lost his memory stays with Kamalini and is now given a new name Prabhu. He makes the arrangements for the marriage of Gopika with the doctor.

Just when the marriage is about to take place, Gopi gets back his memory. He however does not reveal his identity as he does not want to disrupt the marriage.The last 15 minutes of the film run on this suspense element. Will Gopi or someone else reveal his real identity or will Gopika end up marrying the doctor? Watch the film to know the ending.

The actors:
Venu does a neat job as a singer and lover. He is comparatively calm for an actor who is known to play a hyper active comic hero. Venu comes up with an impressive performance. Kamalini Mukherjee fits the role of a Good Samaritan doctor perfectly. She looks as good as she did in Godavari and Gamyam.
Geetanjali and Jayalalaitha play out their roles in a impressive manner.Krishna Bhagawan and Kondavalasa try some comedy but it is not really effective. There are many jokes but they are all very old and hence fall flat.

The bottom line:
Gopi Gopika Godavari has an interesting plot but the director fail to build up the tempo and suspense. The first half runs at a slow pace and is quite boring. The second half is slightly better and the final 15 minutes are interesting.

The average screenplay, music, cinematography and direction and the below average comedy make Gopi Gopika Godavari into yet another run of the mill movie.









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