Gopala Gopala film unit pays 10 lakhs to Gulf buyers!

Gopala Gopala Movie in Gulf

Pawan Kalyan’s “Gopala Gopala” movie faced tough time from Gulf region. Censor board in that region doesn’t allow movies related to Hinduism. “Gopala Gopala” film unit made a trail by selling the rights to the Gulf buyers for 10 lakhs. They mentioned that they would return that money if Gulf region doesn’t allow this movie to move ahead with Censor.

Just as expected, Censor board in that region stopped the flick from moving ahead. It seems that the board scissored most of the content and Pawan Kalyan’s presence was stated to be around few seconds. Taking this into consideration, the film buyers felt that it won’t churn out any money in that region.

Responding to this, film makers of “Gopala Gopala” is stated to have decided to give back 10 lakhs to the Gulf buyers.

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