Golimar Movie Review

Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

It’s about..
Puri Jagannath reminding us what his movies used to be like and what he’s capable of.


Initially the plot might seem like a mix of ‘Pokiri’ and ‘Ek Niranjan’ with the protagonist being an orphan and a setting with two mafia dons – one within the city and one who lives abroad (Malaysia in this case). But, as the film races along hardly any similarities (screenplay wise) can be drawn.


Ganga Ram (Gopi Chand) grows up to be a cop and only three days into his job he impresses his higher ups and gets promoted be an encounter specialist and also gets to set up his own office. The inevitable girl episode (it is a Telugu film right?) does not seem imposed into the film, but, just becomes an interesting sub-plot of the rocketing screenplay. A totally unexpected turn of tables happens a few minutes into the second half and the film continues to just hotfoot past us even after this major turn of events.


What was good?
After Pokiri’s mammoth success Puri had some what cooled down. None of his films after that seemed bold nor entertaining. ‘Ek Niranjan’ in particular was one film where the maker seemed really out of touch and more importantly he seemed daunted. His screenplays were not bold, the songs, the humor episodes and even the lighter moments seemed sooooo imposed and desperate. And nobody likes frightened maker and his work.


With this film Puri makes a comeback worthy of remembrance. The screenplay was quick, sure of itself and swell packed with plenty of interesting sub-plots.


What went wrong?
Talking from a purely commercial cinema point of view, nothing in the film can be complained about. And if we have to make a complaint – the technical clichés (edit and song visuals) could have been bettered.


The actors.
For the first time after ‘Yagnam’ Gopi Chand seemed like a star and an actor at the same time. He fit’s the role as perfectly as Ravi Teja did for films like ‘Idiot’.


Priyamani was easy on the eyes and carried her role with zero ailments. Even Roja playing Priyamani’s mother did what she had to do and kept the film and its tempo alive.


Puri is back, Gopi Chand is back, a good commercial film is back on screen and a genuine blockbuster will be back on the charts.

E commercial screenplay bole tho aisa.


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