Goddess Lakshmi on bikini

An Australian swimwear label company, which triggered a controversy by depicting an image of Goddess Lakshmi on a bikini bottom and front of a model, has apologised to the Hindu community for hurting their sentiments.

"We would like to offer an apology to anyone we may have offended and advise that the image of Goddess Lakshmi will not appear on any piece of Lisa Blue swimwear for the new season, with a halt put on all production of the new range and pieces shown on the runway removed," said a statement issued by the Lisa Blue Swimwear.

The swimwear company carried an image of Goddess Lakshmi on a bikini bottom and front of a model who walked the ramp at Rosemount Australian Fashion Week in Sydney last week.

"This range will never be available for sale in any stockists or retail outlets anywhere in the world. We apologize to the Hindu community and take this matter very seriously," the statement said.

The apology came after Indian community strongly protested the depiction of Goddess images on swimwear, saying it has hurt the religious sentiments of the Hindu community.

Earlier, Rajan Zed, President of Universal Society of Hinduism, asked the manufacturer to publicly apologize and immediately recall all swimwear which showed Hindu Goddess.(PTI)

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