Girls who criticized Hi I’m Tony abused, beaten!!

This is shocking to say the least and weird. The movie Hi I’m Tony starring Lal in the lead, directed by Lal Jr, came out on July 26th and has received ‘averag-ish’ reviews from the viewers and critics.


While the fans haven’t declared the movie a failure, they haven’t exactly hailed it as one of the best flicks to come out this season either, as is their right. Obviously, as with any opinion, many disagree and do indeed proclaim the movie every bit as good as it was hyped up to be.

Now, the film stars Asif Ali and Mia George in the supporting roles, along with Biju Menon, Lena and Asha Sharath.

It seems, according to the reports rolling in, it was a group of men claiming to be Asif Ali fans who are behind this reprehensible act. The two girls in question here, had posted some negative comments about the movie on its Facebook page which is common these days in the highly active social media pages of these movies.

However, they were targeted by these men who proceeded to abuse them and beat them in public for posting such comments about the movie and their idol, Asif. The incident took place in the Kanakakkunnu Palace, Thiruvananthapuram.

The girls were not seriously injured but were also not willing to take the situation lightly. They proceeded to immediately register a complaint with the police who, in turn, are now looking for the perpetrators.

One of the girls is an actress herself and had acted in the short film Sheaay or so the sources say.

This is just sad indeed, and what is one to say in the face of such bad behaviour? Were the men truly just fans of an actor who stooped to such levels or was there some other agenda at play here and the movie just became the convenient tool used to commit these acts?

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