The Ghazi Attack Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5

Critic Rating: (3.5/5)

Rana Daggubati who is known for accepting the films that always raise the bar of story-telling in Telugu film industry is back now with an interesting film titled as Ghazi, which is about the mysterious sinking of the submarine INS Ghazi. Rana, Kay Kay Menon, Atul Kulkarni, Satyadev and few others played the lead roles in the movie. Sankalp Reddy is the newbie who directed the film. Madhie is the cinematographer of the movie. PVP Cinema in association with Matinee Entertainments produced the film. Check out our review of the film.


Rana in Ghazi
Rana in Ghazi

Pakistan Navy plans to destroy Indian submarine INS Vikrant, and in the process, they plan to destroy Visakhapatnam port. On the other side, Indian Navy sends INS S21 for a recce operations and finds the suspicious acts of Pakistan Navy and Ghazi. The story of ‘Ghazi’ movie reveals how the Commander Singh (Kay Kay Menon) along with his Lt. Commander Arjun (Rana Daggubati) and senior officer Devaraj (Atul Kulkarni) counter attack Pakistan’s mission to save Visakhapatnam port and destroys Ghazi.

Cast and Performances:
Rana Daggubati is brilliant in the film. His subtle performance impresses us. Rana as a commander puts his soul into the character and amazes us with his screen act. Kay Kay Menon is one of the major highlights of the film. Kay Kay Menon delivers a thumping performance in the movie and puts emotions in the right places. Atul Kulkarni is also amazing in the movie. Atul Kulkarni also gives his best for the movie and supported the principal cast well. Satya Raj, Dr Bharath Reddy, Nasser and Om Puri impresses with their limited roles. Taapsee is just another side artist in the movie who does not have any significance in the movie.

Writing Department:

A still from The Ghazi Attack
A still from The Ghazi Attack

The dialogues by Gunnam Gangaraju are good and interesting. The story by Sankalp Reddy is brilliant. The screenplay is engaging. The new director Sankalp Reddy has done a great job with his writing skills. Regarding writing, the movie is great. Sankalp deserves all the credits for good writing.

Technical Departments:
The cinematography by Madhie is amazing. The colours and visuals on the screen are appealing. The background score by K is fantastic. Many scenes bring goosebumps with this super background score. The editing by A Sreekar Prasad is good. Regarding performances, the film is too good. The best part of the film is its technical aspects. Usually, films like these need a lot of graphics and VFX work. Sankalp Reddy took care in every aspect and convinced us with good VFX work. Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s narration is also good. The artwork is also amazing.


  • Lead Actors Performances
  • Background Score
  • Cinematography


  • A bit slowness in the narration could have been avoided

The best thing about Ghazi is the clear cut detailing of the submarine Mechanism which turned out in a brilliant manner. The characterisations of the characters are impressive. The characterization design of Kay Kay Menon is too good. Even Rana has got a good role in his career. Ghazi is certainly an apparent attempt by the Young Director Sankalp Reddy who has to be credited for every minute detailing regarding VFX works and other technical aspects. Ghazi is a first of its kind Under Water War film in Indian Film industry. The film has a good story-telling and amazing screenplay. The emotional content of the film is also right on track. This movie may not work well commercially because it might not appeal to all the audiences. But the film will undoubtedly remain as a remarkable film from our film industry. A worth watching attempt from PVP Cinema and team.

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