Ghatikudu Movie Review

Rating: 2.75/5

Critic Rating: (2.75/5)


A typical formula treat, the story begins in Kolkata and here is Ashok (Suriya), a professional killer. He grows up with Ibrahim (sayaji shinde) and now he gets an assignment from Dr Abul (rahul dev). The target is a judge (bharat gopi) who is heading an enquiry commission and is all set to nail the bad people. However, Ashok misses the one chance he gets. He decides to take it personally and disguises himself as the relative of the judge’s home servant Banerjee (vadivelu). He changes his name to Govinda and here he also meets Tara (Nayantara). From then on, he begins to make plans to kill the judge but then there is a deeper secret and reason why Ashok is there. What is that reason? Why is he there? all this forms the rest of the story.


The director has come up with a formula storyline and though the presentation was good, the narrative lacked depth. The dialogues were okay, the script had flaws, the screenplay was racy. Background score was disturbing and unwanted at many places. Three songs are good. Cinematography was nice, stunts and action sequences were impressive, editing could have been better, costumes were standard and art department was good at few places. Suriya came up with an energetic and versatile performance, his act as a 12 year old is a highlight, Nayantara needs to change her make up, hair style and remove her nose stud at any cost. She looks terrible and drained out. Bharat Gopi was elegant, Rahul Dev was not strong, Sayaji Shinde was not used properly, Vadivelu was a real show stealer and he gave a lot of humor, B Saroja Devi was energetic and did her bit well, the others contributed as required.


The film was a typical masala movie and followed the commercial formula of fights, sentiment, romance, comedy. However, it is only the comedy that worked in the first half and the story doesn’t take off till the second half. Fights were good but romantic track was weak, the climax was really stale and didn’t have the punch and intensity. The film might appeal to the front benchers given the logic but then there is not really much to feel the impact. This will be a barely average treat and would depend on the word of mouth. [bharatstudent]

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