Rating: 3.25/5

Critic Rating: (3.25/5)

Though the film was a blockbuster hit in Tamil and an equally good success in Telugu, it has been causing enough excitement even in the southern circuit with its Hindi version. Whether it was really worth the talk or hype, let us see.

Here is a man who is strong and weird, takes Polaroid snaps and has tattoos on his body. His only objective is to trace someone who happens to be a killer. That killer took the life of his girlfriend, the only person he loved.

The story is about Sanjay Singhania (Aamir), a high profile business magnate currently suffering from short term memory loss. He is out to seek vengeance on that person who was responsible for the death of Kalpana (Asin) and to counter his problem, he uses the camera and if the evidence is strong, he gets it tattooed on his body.

His personality and traits get the attention of Sunita (Jiah Khan) and though he is not too keen on her, she happens to play an instrumental role in his life. Does Sanjay get to the killer, is Sunita of any use to him, you must go to the theatre to find that out.

Aamir Khan has once again reiterated and embossed his name on ‘Mr Perfectionist’ tag and came out with a mind blowing performance. His dialogues were just few but then it was his brawny physique and excellent body language with expressions that did the magic.

Asin again was on equal footing and lived up to the hype that was being generated about her. Jiah gave a delectable performance but still she does manage to get those lusty looks despite being covered from head to toe. Pradeep Rawath is the bad guy who matched the high caliber performance of Aamir and did full justice to the role.

The others were insignificant but added value to the film.

Coming to technical aspects, the director has come out with some really impressive narrative aided with masterly presentation. The music and cinematography were the life and soul to the movie along with the performances. Editing was crisp, dialogues were less but meaningful, script was taut, screenplay was simply superb. The other departments also added to the rich appeal of the movie.

The film has it all to take it to the success mark comfortably and there are some chances that it can take the blockbuster trophy too provided publicity rocks entire north India. Everything went well with the film be it the performance department or the technical department.

Though this is a remake, the entire team made sure that it had enough flavor to keep the audience engaged. Irony is, this passes the three hour mark but manages to score zero idle time. The pace of the movie has been uniform and the fact remains that those who have seen the original and got used to Suriya may not find it that exciting but they can surely see it as an engaging flick.

Though it might take a lead from the international masterpiece ‘Memento’, it is not a replica per se and the makers have been sensible enough to bring about a story of their own and create enough twists and turns so that the length does not affect the momentum. The performance department has been of the highest order and this film is on its way to create a new revolution since the north has not seen such psychological types ever before. But it is a run of the mill for Telugu audiences and southern circuit. [source:greatandhra]

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