Get Rs 1 lakh Prize if you don’t Like our Film

Here comes the biggest opportunity for the film buffs to grab Rs 1 lakh prize just by watching a movie.

Makers of small budget films always have to rely on content and innovative promotional techniques to take their film into audiences. One unusual and a practically impossible offer has been now made by the makers of a small film titled ‘21st Century Love’.

21st Century Love
21st Century Love

This little known Telugu film is slated for release on July 23rd just a day after superstar Rajinikanth’s ‘Kabali’ hits screens. Makers have organized a press meet and announced that they would offer Rs 1 lakh cash prize to the person who comes to them claiming the film is not good, of course after watching it. They didn’t disclose the terms and conditions, though.

One must see the film first and then explain to the makers why they didn’t like it.

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