Gentleman Review – Another Telugu Movie With Nani’s Terrific Performance

Rating: 3/5

Critic Rating: (3/5)

An actor who never fail to experiment in this generation is Nani. He selected experimental subjects when he is going through rough stage in his career and surprised us all. He debuted with Ashta Chamma directed by Mohana Krishna Indraganti and he always looks him up as his mentor. He is comimg back with him after 8 years with Gentleman, which has an interesting premise of grey shades in hero character. It is much publicized creating confusion among audience whether hero is really hero or a villain in movie. Nani who is going high in his career is experimenting more and coming with this Gentleman. Let’s see how it works on us!!


A Still From Nani Gentleman Telugu Movie
A Still From Nani Gentleman Telugu Movie

Aishwarya (Surbhi) and Catherine (Nivetha Thomas) happened meet in a flight from London to Hyderabad. To kill time of their journey, they share their love stories with each other. Catherine is a vfx artist and she meets Gautham (Nani) at a marriage of their friend and after a couple of meetings they both fall in love. Catherine goes on a work trip to London. Aishwarya is a daughter of rich and successful business man. She is engaged to another successful businessman Jai (Nani). They both go on a trip to Kodaikanal to understand each other and falls in love with each other. Both the love stories end there and their trip ends. Twist in the tale arises when Catherine finds out that Jai is exactly looking same as Gautham. She comes to know that Gautham died in an accident. What happened to Gautham? Is Gautham and Jai same person?? forms the rest of the story.

Cast and Performance

Nani is a perfect bill for Jai and Gautham roles. He gave so siimple yet powerful expressions. He goes a step ahead in his acting career. No other actor could have pulled up this movie as Nani does. Nivetha Thomas as Catherine is nice. She did a good job with her role. Surabhi is superb as Aishwaryaa. She also did her part well. Both the heroines are looking very beautiful on screen and they might end adding up in the crush list of boys. Srinivas Avasarala has done a fine job. He got a good role in this movie. Vennela Kishore as Dharsanam is humorous in his role. Satyam Rajesh is good. Sri Mukhi is superb in her role as Journalist.

Writing Department

Nani Surabhi in Gentleman
Nani Surabhi in Gentleman

Story of Gentleman is very interesting and nice. Dialogues are situational and are good. Screenplay is good.

Technical Departments

Music composed by Manisharma is nice. All the songs are very well received by audience. He composed after a very long time and reached his expectations. His background score is fantastic and he lifted the innate emotion of the movie to next level. Cinematography by P G Vindha is nice. Some shots are really fantastic. Editing is good and has something more to do. Action sequences are well composed. Production values are apt.


  • Nani as Jai
  • Nivetha Thomas as Catherine
  • Background score by Mani Sharma
  • Couple Of Songs
  • Story


  • Slow pace in second half


This movie begins with a flight journey of Surabhi and Nivetha Thomas and they both sharing their love stories with each other. Love story of Gautham and Catherine is simple but has necessary depth added to it. Love story of Jai and Aishwarya is good and interesting. Movie hies into emotional and suspenseful mode after the flash back of love stories end. Intervel comes where Catherine starts investigating Gautham death mystery after being helped by Journalist payed by Sri Mukhi. Additional characters start coming in with the second half and movie becomes more suspenseful. Screenplay is written so clever and interesting but seems to be slow. Director Mohana Krishna Indraganti should be appreciated for attempting such a script with a terrific actor like Nani. To sumup, Gentleman is another step to reach higher level in Nani’s career.

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