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Rating: 1.00/5

Critic Rating: (1.00/5)

Hypocrisy fighting hypocrisy

Thanks to our films and the stars that rule over them hypocrisy has become something we accept without much fuss, so much so that joking about it had become old. The commercial hero can only mean well to the world whatever he does otherwise is just for killing screen time (Stars means well when on screen, how corrupt and talent less they are otherwise is not the point). This had been the idea for as long as anyone can remember and stars and their kids have been filling in generation after generation.

The writer of this film who had weaved stories around such an image, the kind of films that promote nothing but cheap narratives and star worship suddenly decides its time for him to awaken the youth of the country. Hold a mirror to the folly of youth’s wasted years idolizing politicians, cricketers and movie stars. Chinni Krishna with his limited writing prowess ended up producing a confusing mess of clichés and item songs. Of course we have the cult TV star and first time director who brings in all his glitter; all in all it was an amateur freak show that was no fun. Just like his TV shows I guess, no, the shows are fun for about 5 minutes now and then.


Nivas, Yasir and Jeeva are three friends each with a fascination for politics, cricket and a movie star respectively. Even after putting their lives on the line for the thing they love they are betrayed and now they decide to become examples for the youth by killing the ones that betrayed them and killing themselves later.

A corrupt politician, a match fixing scandal and the known troubles of Telugu cinema fans were the circumstances that push them towards ‘The Chinni Revolution’.

At a running time of almost 3 hours, the film spends a majority of the first half with the standard disconnected Brahmanandam episodes, standard misplaced (needless) songs and other standards with edits that are as cruel as the dance shows.


The film’s screenplay stays disconnectedly confusing through out and with the many pages of messages said/read out by the amateur cast imitating our amateur stars, ends up being amateur hypocrisy. That, we can’t take.


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