Genelia selling movie tickets?

Don’t be surprised if you find bubbly girl Genelia sitting in the ticket counter and selling cinema tickets to you. She exactly did the same in Mumbai to promote her latest film “Life Partner,” which was severely hit by Swine Flu epidemic.

People are scared to come into public fearing Swine Flu. Many films released in the recent times in Mumbai were severely affected by the epidemic.The worried film makers of ‘Life Partner’ somehow find this innovative idea of selling tickets by its film stars, and it really worked out. People were surprised to see her favourite film stars selling them cinema tickets.

On hearing about Genelia , Fardhinkhan, and Prachi’s ticket selling news, people thronged the theatres and in no time the theatres hangs “House Full” board on its gates.The film makers hopes that, once if they can attract the people to theatres to view their film, later the mouth publicity will brings the rest to theatres automatically, because of the many positive things of the their film.

So, next time when you go to a theatre just peep into the counter to find out whether any heroine is there giving you tickets.

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