Gautami to receive her due payment from Kamal Haasan

Actress Gautami rubbished speculation that she continues to be associated with actor Kamal Haasan. She tweeted a link to her blog clarifying this, “I categorically state that this is completely false and I have had no contact with Mr. Haasan since we formally parted ways in October of 2016.”

Gautami and Kamal Hassan
Gautami and Kamal Hassan

The actress in her post titled — Past is Past — and there are strong reasons for it — stated that she was deeply distressed by recent news items which implied her association with Kamal Haasan.

Her post read, “The period since my walking out has been consumed by my efforts to rebuild a stable and secure environment for my daughter and myself. My single greatest focus during this period has been to establish a stable income to ensure my child’s financial stability.”

She further mentioned that she is yet to recover complete payment for her work from Mr. Haasan and Raajkamal Films International (RKFI) and that despite repeated reminders a significant amount from her salary still remains pending.“During the nearly thirteen years of our life together, the work that I did as Costume Designer, was only for films produced by Raajkamal Films International, (RKFI), and for films that Mr. Haasan made for other producers. And this was my primary source of income as my working both in front of and behind the camera in other’s projects was actively discouraged. In addition to this, it grieves me greatly to have to say that as of October 2016, I had salary dues pending right from earlier films like Dasavatharam, Vishwaroopam, etc.”

“I have chosen to speak out now because the speculation concerning my association with Mr. Kamal Haasan continues unabated. I have absolutely nothing to do with him or his actions in any way – professionally, personally, politically or otherwise. I am a single mother, fighting to build a safe and secure life for my child and I. I have returned to work in front of the camera – which I have greatly missed all these years – and I have found my life’s commitment in my work with my Life Again Foundation,” her statement read.

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