Gangster Plans To Kill A Top Hero Yash

In a shocking news, we have come to know that Kannada actor Yash’s murder has been planned and the police officials have busted the news. Bengaluru based Gangster Cycle Ravi has planned the murder of actor Yash and the police officials were shocked to learn the same during their investigation.

Kannada Actor Yash
Kannada Actor Yash

During the investigation, Cycle Ravi revealed more exciting details. Cycle Ravi revealed that he actually planned the murder of actor Yash during the cocktail party in Bangalore but he failed to implement the same. Cycle Ravi also told the officials that the reason for planning the murder is Yash’s conflict with producer Jayanna.

The cops are not taking this issue seriously as they heard the same from him multiple times. They came to a conclusion that Ravi is talking under the influence of alcohol. As of now, nothing is confirmed by the officials and we have to see more developments in the case.

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