Gangster in Legal Trouble!

Aashiq Abu’s Mammootty starrer mega flick Gangster seems to have landed in some serious legal trouble because some of its posters did not bear certification by the censor board! No, the movie’s posters were not offensive in any way but it is the law none the less, especially since the movie had been given an ‘A’ certificate by the board for graphic violence and obscene language.


The movie, which released in over a 190 theatres worldwide, is also struggling at the box office with lukewarm responses from the audience after the initial overwhelming rush. This was in no small part due to the promotional antics of the movie which included an animated teaser trailer, a royalty free song release and an android game based on the movie! Aashiq sure left no stone unturned and yeas, the movie made a profit selling the rights to various entities nationally and internationally. There was even a rumour flying around of Hindi remake with Aamir Khan in the future!

However, the problem they face now is serious if proved to be true. The law states it thus:

As per Rule 38 of Cinematograph Rules 1983, any person advertising a film shall indicate the category of certification. Violating the rule is a non-bailable offense under section 7 of Cinematograph Act, 1952.

Mr. Jacob, an executive officer at the Regional Censor Board, says that it has come to their attention that most of the posters of the movie did not bear their certification.

Aashiq Abu and the producers of the movie are yet to respond to these allegations. If they are proved liable, one has to wonder why such a rookie mistake happened under the watch of veteran film makers, especially with the stakes so high..

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