Gangster Animated Teaser Out!

Aashiq Abu’s mega motion picture Gangster, starring Mammootty, is soon to hit the big screens on April 11th and the flick is in no short supply of creative promotion. Recently, Aashiq posted song from the movie on his Facebook page, royalty free. Now, the second teaser promo of the movie has come out just two days before the big, international, 120+ screen release – and not just that, it’s animated!


Yes, the second teaser which is more like a confusing but intriguing shot by shot segment showing what looks like a kidnap and rescue scenario is done in the style of Japanese anime.

It’s stylish, without dialogues, relying completely on the visuals and just plain cool!

It seems Aashiq is leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of the most memorable release in recent years. Let’s just hope that the movie doesn’t get too over hyped and lead to disappointment, although it’s looking awesome so far.

Check out the animated teaser of the eagerly anticipated Gangster below:

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