Ganesh Movie Review

Rating: 3.00/5

Critic Rating: (3.00/5)

What it’s all about?

Ganesh…Just Ganesh is all about a friend who wants to help his friend. The help is not about money or other thing but about love. The hero agrees to make the heroine fall in love with him so that his friend can avoid marrying her and marry the girl he loves.


The plot:

The plot is interesting. Ganesh (Ram) is the hero. He agrees to act falling in love with Divya (Kajal) so that his friend who is already in love with another girl can avoid marrying his niece. The problem is his father (Kasi Viswanath) is adamant that he marry his sister (Sudha’s) daughter.

Ganesh then moves into Express Towers where Divya stays with her brother Sameer and hi family. Divya is a strong girl who is fiercely independent. Ganesh manages to make friends with the 20 odd kids living in the apartments and slowly tries to woo Divya.

Ganesh impresses the kids with his superman acts and they in turn help him make Divya fall for him. Divya is now deeply in love with Ganesh. A gang leader Mahadev (Ashish Vidyarthi) lends money to people and then harasses them if they default. He harasses Sameer as his friend who has borrowed 15 lakhs has run away. Ganesh and Mahadev clash a couple of times and Mahadev is now determined to take revenge on Ganesh.

While Divya is happy to have fallen in love with Ganesh, she learns that she has actually been taken for a ride. Ganesh did not love her but only acted as if he was in love with her. An angry and shocked Divya then splits with Ganesh.


The rest of the story is how Ganesh goes about in trying to convince Divya that he is now truly in love with her and that she should forgive him and accept his love.


The Actors:

Ram plays a carefree young soul who has no worries in the world. Ram comes up with a convincing performance and brings a lot of zeal and energy to his character. He enacts some stunts similar to that of superman and the kids go gag a over this. He imitates Pawam Kalyan in some scenes.


Kajal Agarwal looks great and she comes up with a breezy performance. She makes a great pair with Ram and the two of them come up with a credible performance. Brahmanandam has a good role and manages to raise some laughs. Ashsish Vidyarthi plays villain and he is effective but he is reduced to a joker.


Poonam Kaur plays Kajal’s friend and she looks great. Rohini Hattangadi makes a come back after a long time. Sameer, Kasi Viswanath, Sudha and the kids add their bit to the film. In fact it is the kids who play a major role in the film and all of them have done a good job.



The story is simple and the screenplay fast paced and it holds your attention from start to finish. There is a lot of comedy and it is all done very neatly. Mickey J Meyer’s music and the cinematography are good.


The only negative aspect about the film is the run time. The film runs for close to two hours and 45 minutes. A tighter editing would make the film even better. While the first half is fast paced, the film moves very slowly in the second half.


The Bottom Line:

Ganesh…Just Ganesh is a fun filled romantic entertainer that is targeted more at the children than anyone else. The neat comedy and the antics of the kids and the hero make the film a decent entertainer. Kajal Agarwal adds her own sweet charm to the film.


Ganesh is a decent time pass flick.

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